What is Zumerret?

An ancient custom reimagined for modern enjoyment.

In many ancient languages, Zumerret means “precious stone”, and Zumerret Hookah is as admired and luxurious as its namesake. We source the finest tobacco from the US, France and Poland . We rely on sought after farmers because we believe that only premium products can deliver the exquisite flavors we seek.

Once cultivated, the tobacco is meticulously mixed with rich flavors by our masterful tobacco chefs. Then we ask tasters from around the globe to test each flavor. The results are sure to thrill the palate. 

Exclusive Flavors

We want all to Taste the Luxury.

Offering our customers, the highest quality hookah experience is paramount to our success. Our products and processes are designed with this goal in mind, and they are why we’ve become the fastest growing hookah tobacco brand in the US.

We invite you to ask for Zumerret Hookah at your local lounges and smoke shops, and Taste the Luxury we offer in each and every puff. 

Zumerret Gold Edition features a blend of exotic fruits and high quality, premium tobacco. Enjoy zesty splashes of creamy, fruity and minty prime mixes. All flavors in this edition are exclusive to the Zumerret brand, and are handcrafted to evoke the ultimate in shisha joy.


Premium is the the nickname for Zumerret. From cultivation to production, in every step of making Zumerret’s flavor, we use premium materials.


Hookah is our passion. We are only producing hookah. Our experts are working to find the ultimate hookah flavor for your taste. We use testers all around the world to find the perfect mix


France is the 5th largest tobacco producer in Europe. The history of tobacco growing in France can be traced back to the year 1556. Our tobacco suppliers in France is the country’s most sought farmers. We work only with best.