We are the best because we use the best, premium hookah tobacco. Our finest tobacco comes from France and and United States.

We do not only use the best tobacco in the market, we also hired the best chefs of tobacco, the masterminds of hookah flavors.

For us, hookah tobacco is not a business only, it is a joy of life that we share with our customers.


If you like hookah, you deserve to taste the luxury. And luxury comes with Zumerret. We produce exclusive flavors that will make you feel much better compared to other hookah tobacco brands.

Our “Gold Edition” is a selection of different exotic fruits with a secret formula for hookah lovers. It is exclusive for Zumerret and Zumerret fans.


Premium is the the nickname for Zumerret. From cultivation to production, in every step of making Zumerret’s flavor, we use premium materials.


Hookah is our passion. We are only producing hookah. Our experts are working to find the ultimate hookah flavor for your taste. We use testers all around the world to find the perfect mix


France is the 5th largest tobacco producer in Europe. The history of tobacco growing in France can be traced back to the year 1556. Our tobacco suppliers in France is the country’s most sought farmers. We work only with best.